Bregje Sanne Lacourt en Michel Ebben

Melancholy, the joy of life and self mockery are walking hand in hand. She describes her her life in detail with a mix of country, Folk & Blues what gives the album an American feel. Nashville but not(from) Nashville.

After many years of singing she decided to walk another path and it was a necessity to record her own songs without concessions, just pure from her head and heart.

In the summer of 2013 Bregje Sanne Lacourt gave the kick-off for her first full length album ‘The Keeper of Changing Winds’, together with her sound engineer and pseudo-brother Michel Ebben.

The album was released in September 2014.

‘Drink my Beers and smoke my cigarettes and make stupid jokes while dancing in some fancy dress I don’t feel comfortable in’ – Baby’s Blue Eyes

Michel Ebben

Michel Ebben He is intense, raw, a live performer and a witty entertainer that can capture his audience with a howl. A unique voice, influenced by old time music; country, folk, blues & Americana. A storyteller carrying only a guitar, harmonica and banjo. Playing solo or with his band Gravel Town.

Over the course of his life
“When I was 9 years old I discovered the music of Bruce Springsteen. Heartfelt stories of the ‘common man’ and the American Dream touched me and there I’ve started my musical adventure. Growing up with music from the Rock & Roll era I listened to Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison, Buddy Holly and Jerry-Lee Lewis. My mum and dad also enjoyed listening to contemporary artists like Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, and of course The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.”

A hunger was born! Michel discovered the world of Woody Guthrie and Lead Belly. Alan Lomax’s field recordings and the Beat generation, writers as Jack Kerouac and poets like Allen Ginsberg became a great inspiration. Other great influences were songwriters as Eric Taylor, David Olney, Townes van Zandt & Clive Gregson.

Highlights are the shows in 2007 & 2008 with his band Gravel Town at the Benatska Noc festival in the Czech Republic. Michel’s long career as a solo performer includes many shows at festivals throughout the Netherlands like Oerol, De Parade, Gluren bij de Buren, StuKaFest & Fringe Festival.

As a multi-instrumentalist and/or as co-writer Michel works with other artists, like Bregje Sanne Lacourt, Martha Jane Settler, Anja Wessels, Linda Kreuzen and bands as Halfway Station at his own studio, Tempting Tunes Studios.